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Tandem Hang Gliding in TampaLive your dream of flight during a tandem hang gliding experience with a USHPA certified instructor. Tampa Hang Gliding's affiliate pilots and instructors utilize the most modern equipment available, and launch from some of the most beautiful sites in Florida for teaching glider handling techniques. A Tandem Hang Glide in Tampa is the quickest way to go airborne with minimal commitment and it's a "hands-on" chance to pilot the wing and see what the fun is all about. Enjoy the thrill of a tandem flight in a hang glider over the amazing Tampa landscape.

The exhilaration of Hang Gliding is unsurpassed!

Learn basic flight controls, safety procedures, soaring techniques, and landing approach in your introductory tandem hang gliding lesson. After instruction on the ground and practicing a few runs on "bunny" hills, you'll enjoy foot-launching from a hill while harnessed to an instructor for the duration of the flight. Once you have launched there's nothing else for you to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the ride high above the Florida landscape.

Some operators offer a choice of both hill and tow-launching techniques. A tow-launched tandem flight is generally easier, because no running is required on take-off; however, hill-launched flights deliver the classic hang gliding thrill.

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Hang Gliding in TampaWe partner with hang gliding pilots and instructors who are professional and certified by the USHPA. You will be learning from hang gliding instructors who have completed hundreds of flights in Florida with impeccable safety records. Not only will your Tampa Hang Gliding adventure be made in the company of a professional USHPA certified pilot you will also fly in perfectly safe hang gliders. Having undergone strict airworthiness testing for structural strength and handling capabilities, today's hang gliders have an enviable safety record in Florida. Light and predictable controls, plus automatic stall recovery and anti-spin features built into the glider provides an aircraft that instills confidence and security in the trainee pilot.

Come see the horizons today with this is exhilarating airborne adventure. Call our Hang Gliding Experts at 1-850-308-7968 to Hang Glide in Tampa today!

Tandem Hang Gliding

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* Tandem Hang Gliding is not available in all areas or with all pilots. Please call for details!